Le Celle

The building, dating back to the early XVI century, has always represented the “heart” of Vezzano basso and once it also housed a police station.

The present room was once used as a cell for wrongdoers, chicken thieves and drunkards. A man of Vezzano, Mario nicknamed “the cat”, was shut into this cell because he kidnapped Angelina, a young girl from the Maggiore Lake, with whom he was madly in love. He was imprisoned but…. shortly after they married!

The room retains the master window once closed and the two air vents with sturdy bars which were once the only “outlet” for its “guests”.

Regina Margherita

This room overlooks the same name square where the hotel is located and where on the third Sunday of September occurs the “Grapes Festival”. During this event people divide into different districts and face each other to many ability competitions in order to win the coveted “palio”.

Verso le Botteghe

Carts, horses, artisans and merchants used to travel under this corn room since the sunrise to go to the various markets, shops and inns of the neighbouring villages, where they traded the typical local products of Vezzano, such as oil, wine and fruits of the earth.