San Prospero

The name of this room recalls the underlying old path marked by frequent religious processions to the parish church which stood on a little hill in Bottagna. That was a place where village people could meet and pray but over time it was abandoned.

The Corongiola church is mentioned in a paper from Pope Innocenzo III to the Bishop of Luni where he confirms to the prelate all the parishes of his diocese.

Del Mare

Thanks to a study done by the University of Genoa on the occasion of the Colombiadi, it was found that in August 1492 a sailor named Giovanni “Da Vezzano” (to specify his native origins) sailed from Palos together with Christopher Columbus on the Pinta caravel.

This room is dedicated to him and to the ancestral seafaring virtues of our people, that contributed to the change of the whole world.

This room is named Sea Room for its decor, really recovered from Liguria sandy shores or from the small markets of the coast. The room boasts a little terrace facing the Pentagonal Tower and the underlying little deconsecrated church, nowadays used on Friday evenings by the village musical band. Sometimes you can hear their pleasant notes in the stillness of the village.

Arco di San Giorgio

This room overlooks the village square. It is named after the nearby vault through which people of Vezzano got to the below part of the village and then down to the Magra river’s plain.

The figure of Saint Giorgio is closely linked to the religious history of Genoa, the city that once dominated the Liguria region : he is its patron saint and his devotional images can be found in many buildings of towns subjected to the same control.

Torre Pentagonale

From the two corner windows of this large and bright room guests can enjoy a view over the underlying Regina Margherita square and of the above Pentagonal Tower. Someone thinks that the tower was built by Castruccio Castracani, Lord of Luni. "Pentagonam turrim mira Castruccius arte struxit, qui nulli Marte secondus erat".

This striking building introduces to the remains of the ancient fortified system of Vezzano.